May 23, 2018

Using the Finder Path Bar

  The Finder Path Bar is usually an overlooked function of the Finder window. But let me tell you, if you are like me - someone who has a ton of files stored in your Mac or someone who is anal retentive in organizing the files into as many subfolders as possible – using the Finder Path Bar … [Read more...]

Smart Searches

If you are coming from an older version of OSX, chances are you are familiar with Smart Searches. A Smart Search is a search option located in your Finder Sidebar. It’s a quick search that will allow you to search for files that you have accessed either Today, Yesterday, or This Week. It can also … [Read more...]

Coloring Labels with Finder

I may be a bit messy when it comes to the real world (aka my home and office) but I can get anal retentive about the virtual world. I really take time to organize my files in such as a way that I can easily find them, the files names have a system, and that everything should be where it is. Coloring … [Read more...]

Smart Folders

Smart Folders in OSX Lion do live up to their name. They are really intelligent and they are really fast! A Smart Folder is an indexing folder that is given a criterion. If any of the files falls under that criterion it is index and added to the results of that Smart Folder. It indexes so that it … [Read more...]

Customize the Finder Sidebar

If you open a Finder window you will notice that it has a Toolbar and a Sidebar. The Toolbar contains certain buttons that will allow you to accomplish tasks or activities such as get more information, eject a disk or delete a file. The Sidebar, on the other hand will show you locations. Ideally, … [Read more...]