May 23, 2018

TextExpander – save time and effort writing emails and more

What Does TextExpander Do TextExpander makes the user able to respond more quickly to emails and write documents quicker, as well as save type-writing time while ensuring the quality of text produced. What Are Features of TextExpander The Mac version of a popular software for PC, PhraseExpress, … [Read more...]

Resetting Safari

Safari, like most browsers, is a pretty intelligent piece of software. It logs and stores information about the user and his or her browsing habits to make things more efficient and faster. Can’t remember the website you’ve previously visited? Check it in your browsing history. Tired of constantly … [Read more...]

Exclude Folders And Files From Time Machine

Whenever Time Machine backs up your data into the external hard drive, it defaults to saving copies of the entire contents of your Mac’s hard drive on the target disk drive. That’s okay if you are just working with a small amount of files. However, as your internal disk drive fills up, each backup … [Read more...]

Prepare For Migration Assistant

When you get a new desktop computer or laptop you spend countless hours tweaking the settings to your specifications, downloading and installing software that you need and organizing your files. After a few months and for some, maybe years, you just have it the way you want it to be. You know all … [Read more...]

Restoring Files and Folders From Time Machine

Named after H.G. Wells’ famous novel, Time Machine will allow you to turn back the clock and restore any files and folders of even your entire system to the way it was on a specific date. Here are the steps to restoring your data using Time Machine: 1. Make sure the backup disk that you use for … [Read more...]