May 23, 2018

Make Your Desktop Background Personal (Video)

Everyone wants her Mac to be more personal. One thing you can do is to change your desktop background to a picture. If you've recently changed to a Mac system you may find the different operating system quiet challenging although anyone says that it's so easy to get used to it. For me it was not … [Read more...]

How To Set Up Time Capsule On Mac

Backing up files is one of the things every computer user just has to do. No matter what you do on your computer you don't want your files to disappear after a hard drive failure or something even worse - such as a theft or fire. I know this is worst case but it can happen and Mac OS has something … [Read more...]

Do You Need The Time Capsule?

There is a fancy harddrive from Apple called "Time Capsule" - what is that? First of all it is from Apple and it definitely looks good :D But the second thing is that once configured you never ever need to care about backups anymore. These were firstly 2 good reasons for me to check that thingy … [Read more...]

11 Useful Mac Tips To Save You Time And Effort

There seem to be always things we don't know - if it is a short cut or an easy way to do something you actually otherwise I found this video on YouTube - the guys from give you some nice and handy tips what you can do with your Mac OS to make your life easier. There are, of course, … [Read more...]