March 22, 2018

Mac OS X Yosemite Tips English

quicktipsWith each new operating system Apple adds tons of great new features for your Mac! And the best: The operating system is available for free at the AppStore. Once you have installed your new operating system Mac OS X Yosemite all new functions and features are available for you. But – what kind of features are there? How can you use them? What makes sense and what is a useful every day feature? Do you really need them all?

All these questions come up sooner or later.

The best operating system on earth won’t help if  you are not able to use it.

And here comes our Bundle: The Mac OS X Yosemite Quicktips

markusThe Featuresmonja

  • The best things are short. Our videos are short and to the point so you can learn a new feature or function of Mac OS X Yosemite in just a few minutes. Use our videos as a dictionary and learn just what you need just right now!
  • Our videos are entertaining. You do not just get a fantastic teacher (Markus) but also someone who has the questions you have (Monja)
  • In 50 videos we cover everything that is important – short and to the point. So you learn what you need to know to make your life easier.
  • All videos are completed. No function is explained in two or three videos but straight to the point. This is fun and you can watch them over and over again – because it is fun!

The Bundle Mac OS X Yosemite Quicktips – a helping hand

50 gorgeous Videos

When we created the videos we did not wanted to start with A and bore you until Z. We have checked each program and recorded our help when we knew here or there it would be hard to understand what Apple is doing. We also recorded all the new features Mac OS X Yosemite have. And we recorded all the functions you need each and every day.

  • 01 Markup – new feature in Mail
  • 02 Mail Folders in iCloud
  • 03 Safari RSS Reader
  • 04 Increase and decrease Windows
  • 05 The iPhone on your Mac
  • 06 Safari Text to Speech
  • 07 Turn off Transparency
  • 08 Do not disturb
  • 09 Show the full Web address
  • 10 Power Nap
  • 11 Delete blocked numbers in Facetime
  • 12 Install Safari Extensions
  • 13 Enter File Information
  • 14 Automatic Updates from the AppStore
  • 15 Folder Structure
  • 16 Add Folders to your Dock
  • 17 Combine Files to one Folder
  • 18 Remove Email addresses from the Drop Down Menu
  • 19 Turn off Auto Spelling
  • 20 Several Folders in one Window
  • 21
  • 22 Customize your Toolbar
  • 23 Set up your Search Engine
  • 24 All my Files
  • 25 Hot Corners
  • 26 Safari History
  • 27 Set Parental Control
  • 28 Spotlight Results
  • 29 Rename all images at once
  • 30 What is iCloud?
  • 31 Different Views for Files
  • 32 Reminders
  • 33 Notification Center
  • 34 Use Notes
  • 35 More Spotlight Functions
  • 36 Send Files from Preview
  • 37 Social Media Integration in Yosemite
  • 38 Airdrop
  • 39 Make your Mac safe
  • 40 Send Links from Safari
  • 41 Time Machine Backup
  • 42 Bootcamp
  • 43 Save Energy on your Mac
  • 44 iTunes, AppStore and iBooks
  • 45 Trackpad
  • 46 VIPs in Mail
  • 47 Create a Contact form from a Signature
  • 48 Create a Signature
  • 49 Create an Event in your Calender
  • 50 Route Planning with Mac



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