April 21, 2018

Fixing OS X Lion’s Battery Drain – Mac SMC Reset

Some of you who have installed Lion on a portable Mac that once operated on Snow Leopard may have noticed that Lion uses more power and drains your battery faster. If you have noticed this, a quick fix to this problem is to reset your Mac’s power management module. That is part of the SMC – the systems management controller.

Resetting the SMC is not just for wonky battery life. You can also do this if you are experiencing issues with the lights, fans, and other power related problems. Examples are your computer suddenly goes to sleep or awakens, the fans are running abnormally fast even if you are not doing heavy work or  your power adaptor does not indicate the charging status correctly.

mac smc reset

The Mac SMC Reset

To reset the SMC, close all applications and shut down your computer. Make sure you have enough power. If not, connect your Mac to its MagSafe power adapter. Hold down the Control+Option+Shift keys. Press the Power button while still holding those keys. Do so for 10-15 seconds. Release all the keys and power the computer back on.


See how easy it is to do a Mac SMC Reset.

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