April 26, 2018

Turn Off Reversed Scrolling for the Mac Trackpad

If you have previously owned a Mac and are used to working on OS X, chances are you are used to the different gestures used on a Mac’s trackpad. You can probably do all that finger swiping and scrolling in your sleep.

And here goes Lion changing everything!

You have gotten so used to swiping down the trackpad to scroll down a page that you’ll probably be shocked and upset that it’s now the reverse. A two-finger swipe will make the page scroll down.


Turn off Reverse Scrolling on the Mac Trackpad


No, the universe has just not that ended. Apple has a rationale for this one. In an iPhone, you actually swipe upward to scroll down the page or your email. And Apple, why not match everything? After all, there are a lot of iPhone owners who are also Mac users and this would just make it uniform.

So you basically have to options here. First, you can just grin it and bear it and in a couple of days you will be so used to this new gesture that you will be able to do it your sleep. You will just forget about being upset. Or you can configure your settings and revert back to the way it was.

To revert back to the scrolling that you have experienced open System Preferences, select Trackpad, and click Scroll and Zoom. You will see a box stating Scroll Direction: Natural. Uncheck it to turn it off.


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