April 21, 2018

Why it is worth to do a MacBook Pro Memory Upgrade

Why it is worth to do a MacBook Pro Memory Upgrade

Every MacBook or computer usually comes with the possibility of a memory upgrade. So if you have a MacBook with just 4 GB you can most probably upgrade to 8 GB – my iMac for example has 12GB and I love it! So why is memory so important?

Macbook Pro Memory Upgrade

I´ll try to explain – RAM or memory is used in a computer to source out programs. Means – if I start a program it puts automatically parts of it into the memory of my computer and does not rely on the hard drive – if it would it would slow down the computer immensely. Therefore a memory upgrade is usually a huge speed upgrade for your computer – and mostly an inexpensive one. If you feel that your computer has slowed down and cleaning up the files doesn´t increase speed then you´ve most probably installed some new programs which are more hungry for memory, e.g. Adobe Photoshop runs well on the Mac but easily uses up to 2 GB memory! Now imagine you have – of course – launched the Mac OS, then maybe the one or other additional program and your memory is easily used up. So whenever you decide that it´s time for a faster computer first add some memory and you most probably already have the speed boost you are looking for.

If you decide to ask Apple to add memory to your computer you most probably will be shocked how expensive it is there –  8 GB RAM can cost up to 500$ if you buy it there (this is just an estimated number because I just know the prices in Germany and convert them to Dollars – so please check out the Apple store for the correct price). And YES, that´s definitely too much. But don´t worry, we get that cheaper.

As mentioned above I´ve upgraded my iMac to 12 GB. I got the 8 GB Ram for Christmas and I couldn´t wait to implement it into the computer. So I searched the internet for instructions. It doesn´t really matter where you try to add it – it´s super easy and the Apple website helps you with a very detailed instruction.

Do not worry – it´s easy – really, you can´t do much wrong, there is also not much which can go wrong and will damage your computer. You just need some space to lay down your computer and also a screwdriver to open the back.

Before you upgrade MacBook Pro Memory you´ll need RAM – nothing easier and cheaper than buying it on Amazon – I didn´t find it cheaper so far (if you do please let me know in the comments) and it works just fine.

upgrade MacBook Pro Memory

Here you find a very detailed instruction on different computer models to upgrade from Apple.

See how easy is a MacBook Pro memory Upgrade!

Get your Macbook Pro Memory Upgrade now:

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