April 21, 2018

MacKeeper 2012 – Learn to keep your Mac healthy

What Does MacKeeper 2012 Do

MacKeeper 2012 is a file maintenance suite.  It is a little like a Mac cleaner, except for that it has more uses.  It’s aim is to make your Mac secure, reliable, maintain its speed and clean its files.  It comprises of a bunch of system utilities that perform different routine tasks to maintain your Mac.  MacKeeper 2012 has a good customer support network and aims to combine many apps into one.

Often people will have a Mac app to secure their Mac, and another to clean files, etc.  The MacKeeper 2012 is a suite of programs, offering you all these services under one program, instead of having loads of apps doing various tasks.

What Are The Features Of MacKeeper 2012

It has a unique protection system that blocks out all identity theft and phishing attempts.  It’s antivirus software help to stop online and programmatically installed viruses from attacking and harming your Mac.

MacKeeper 2012 has a cleaning program that will get rid of old, un-used and unnecessary files from your Mac, whilst leaving your important and needed files intact.  If your Mac is stolen or lost, then the MacKeeper 2012 will help you find it.

The MacKeeper 2012 has optimizing software to help keep your Mac up to speed and they have data control tools to help get your Mac back up to speed by keeping files secured and well organized.  They have a very good technical support staff that may be contacted by phone or online live chat, twenty four hours, seven days per week.

Is MacKeeper 2012 A Cause For Applause

It does save the time and trouble of downloading separate apps for separate functions on the Mac.  The program works, and does do as it says on the adverts.  The customer service is very good and comprehensive, so that you will not find a problem that they do not have a solution to.  They also take your phone calls on other Mac related issues, and not just for the software you are calling about.  They reply to emails within 24hours.

The Geek-on-demand feature has a large collection of service based tools which are very impressive.   It does have functions and uses that some people won’t even know they need/want until they see it on this tools suite.  The price is very good too.

Not So Good Points

It is pretty good, despite a few bugs here and there, however it is being updated all the time as they continue to work on them.  Some bugs cause apps to not update correctly.  On some peoples Macs, the uninstaller will miss a few things so you will need to uninstall them manually.  This is another bug they are working on.

What I Thought Of The App I Bought

There is a debate as to whether the regular maintenance of a Mac is necessary or not, so the idea of yet another file maintenance we not a crowd pleaser.  MacKeeper 2012 has gotten around this by being an all in one suite of file maintenance tools.  The price is good, however some of the add-ons are a little pricey, and the anti theft side has monthly billing options which can really add up.

Should I Try OR Let It Slip By 

For the price it is very good.  If you were to buy the apps for each function of the suite on their own, then it would cost a lot, lot more.  It is slightly buggy at the moment, but is constantly being updated and improved.  The customer service is noticeably better than many, many other companies.  Well worth the buy.

You find it on the MacKeeper 2012 site, go here.

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  1. This tool looks col, do they have a windows version of the same software too? I would appreciate if you could write about it if you know. I’ve subscribed to your blog.

    • hi Sreejesh,
      i´m sorry but i´m afraid there is none. but there are tons of windows cleaning tools out there. we just review mac programs so if you have a special wish there – please let me know.

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