March 22, 2018

Magic Mouse vs Magic Trackpad. Which is Better?

magic mouse vs magic trackpadApple has created several input devices that is compatible with various Apple devices. Two of the most popular ones are the Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad. While they can be used across different devices, the main purpose is to have more input methods on an iMac, which mainly deals with a keyboard. Any of these two devices introduces the iMac to the world of the convenience of using gestures.

As much as you want both, your budget only stretches so far. If you can only buy one input device, which one would be of good value? Let’s evaluate.


The Magic Mouse is more compact, making it easier to carry around compare to the Magic Trackpad, which is larger but flatter. However, with size also comes functionality. Because the Magic Trackpad is wider, there is more space to do your gestures whether it is swipe, pinch, or zoom. The Magic Mouse has a small surface area for the gestures. It even looks to be smaller than the trackpads of some Macbooks.


The gestures feel more natural when using the Magic Trackpad because there is more space. Great if you have big fingers. You don’t have to cram your fingers in a small space. On the other hand, that what is feels like when you use the Magic Mouse. Not all gestures get to be completed because space has run out and fingers just spill out on the sides. Because of the size, the number of gestures you can do with the Magic Mouse is also limited.


While the Magic Trackpad can be pretty precise when dealing with regular computer habits such as browsing and consuming media, it can get tricky when dealing with the finer aspects of work such as photo and video case. In the case, the mouse’s ability to move precisely is what give it the edge over the magic trackpad.

Ease of Use

Most people are already familiar with how to use a multi-touch device. Apple’s devices make use of universal gestures so if you own an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you will have no problems using the Magic Trackpad. While the Magic Mouse is also not that difficult to learn, it can get confusing because it has two inputs, the mouse functionality and the multi touch functionality. Because of its sensitivity, you might be making gestures with the surface while the mouse part is doing something else.

The Verdict

The Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad are good examples of the direction that Apple is planning to take. Touch will be the key technology in the near future. While the Magic Mouse is a great attempt at producing an input device that combines the best of worlds, Apple still has some improvements to make. The limited multi-touch gestures can be deal breaker for some. With the Magic Trackpad, Apple has brought in the multi-touch gestures to all devices and made it even more universal.

As you can see – there is no real answer. There is nothing as Magic Mouse vs Magic Trackpad but it’s a question of taste.

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