April 21, 2018

Make Your Desktop Background Personal (Video)

Everyone wants her Mac to be more personal. One thing you can do is to change your desktop background to a picture.

If you’ve recently changed to a Mac system you may find the different operating system quiet challenging although anyone says that it’s so easy to get used to it. For me it was not so easy and even things I could do in no time on my Windows computer seem to take me forever on the Mac. So I thought I will make some small videos for you to help you to get used to your new computer.

You can change the desktop background not to just one picture but even to a slideshow. For that you need to create an event in iPhoto, add the pictures you like there and choose that one as your desktop background. You can also choose “change every 30 minutes” (or another time frame) and your picture will change to your liking. In the same panel, you can also set the screen saver – from pictures to iTunes artwork and start your music from there.

desktop background


Make your computer more personal and change your desktop background. 

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Monja is a Multimediadesigner and Mac enthusiast since she discovered the beauty of Mac Computers - she never looked back to her Windows Laptop.

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