May 23, 2018

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 – Student and Home Edition

MS Office for MacMicrosoft Office has to be the most widely used office productivity software in the planet. It is in millions or even billions of computers worldwide, ranging from sophisticated machines used in various businesses to the desktop at home or the laptop or netbook that your son or daughter uses. The files extensions .docx and .xlsx has been synonymous with word processors and spreadsheets. Almost everybody has encountered a Microsoft Office application at one point in time.


While Apple has its own set of productivity software in the form of iWork, there are times when you do need Microsoft Office on your Mac. This is especially true if you collaborate with people who are using PCs while you are using your Mac. Yes iWork will allow you to save in MS Office format but sometimes you just need that seamless connectivity and compatibility. In the old days, you have double boot your system with Windows so that you will be able to run MS Office. However, with the release of Microsoft Office For Mac, you can now run MS Office natively in your OS X environment.


The 2011 version is the latest version to hit the market. Microsoft general has several tiers of products and prices them accordingly. The Home and Student Edition is licensed to be on one Mac computer and is the most affordable package out there. Since it is Home and Student Edition, it only comes with MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint. That’s usually enough to get accomplish the different tasks that an average person may need to do such as do the household, finish homework and create stunning presentations for school and even for work if needed. Outlook is not included but if you really need it, you will have the option to buy it as a separate add on.

 Microsoft Office for Mac with the same look and feel

The great thing about Microsoft Office for Mac is that it looks, feels, and works like the Windows version. There is no major learning curve that you have to hurdle, except for the typical Mac OS X commands and short cuts. Your group mate who has a Windows based computer can simply take a look at what you are doing and continue it without any pauses or save the file and open it in a Windows environment. There is no need to convert or save in a different format.


MS Office for Mac also comes with a ton of features that can definitely enrich the user experience. You can create a Skydrive account and upload your files there for easy sharing and collaboration. You can even edit in the cloud since the Skydrive has MS Office functionality. The software package also has Messenger for Mac version 8 which has audio and video capabilities. This is perfect when you need to conference with someone about a project. You can even install remote Desktop for Mac 2 if you want to be able to remotely control a Windows computer from your Mac’s OS X environment. These tools can certainly make MS Office even more relevant to your daily home and school life.


There is a reason why Microsoft Office is very popular today. It gets the job done efficiently and productively. It’s the most trusted office software around the globe. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be getting one today.

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