April 26, 2018

MyThoughts – Mind Mapping Software for Mac

MyThoughts and why it is worth investing into a mind mapping software for Mac

As a former teacher I’m a fan of mind mapping. Mind mapping is actually a great way to organize your thoughts – you can put everything down on a paper without judging what you do, without asking yourself if it is worth writing it down – you just collect all thoughts and ideas to a special theme you have. This is how our brain works – we have lots of connections in hour head between the different knowledge we have and the older we become the more connections we have. Therefore the challenge is to fill your mind map with as many thoughts as possible. Brainstorming ideas in this way means also that we jump from point to point – add maybe some unnecessary thoughts but mostly we add something which we haven´t thought of without supporting our brain with mind mapping.

So why mind mapping software instead of a piece of paper?

Mind Mapping Software MyThoughts on MacIt also took me some days to justify (for myself) why I need a mind mapping software and not just use a plain paper. The mind mapping software is not cheap. But it´s also not just a small App you cannot expect much from. It is a mind mapping software with a huge amount of functions. One feature I personally like best and which was one reason to buy it was that it connects with iPhoto. This means that I can add my photos into my mind map without much effort. Also, it contains tons of images (according to the manufacturer 3,000) to illustrate your mind maps.

Here a paper comes easily to its limit. While you can expand your mind map on the computer as far as you wish it is not that easy on a piece of paper. Also, you cannot include your own images and if – again it would be a huge effort to do so. But images are super important for a mind map. Images support your thoughts, mark milestones and make you remember things. So a good mind map will have to include images. If you are not really good at drawing and don´t mind to draw each icon yourself – the mind mapping software will also support you in this point.

So far I´ve been using a little notebook for my mind maps and thoughts instead of mind mapping software. I´m absolutely happy with my purchase. Some might think it´s a waist of money but I think it saves money because it saves me time and therefore also money. My mind map is where I need it – on my computer and not in a notebook which is usually not where I am (ok, that´s my fault ;-)). But beside that huge advantage it also allows me to outline posts I prepare for writing. When I have an idea for a post/new website, product – whatever it is (even for the next birthday party) I can quickly jump to my mind map and add my thoughts. For me, this comes in very handy and helpful. I recognized that I forget less and that I am more productive.

Another feature I love: I can add more information to a keyword if I like. If – for example – I have a keyword in my mind map which says “App Store” I can put in a box the URL (or whatever information) that belongs to the keyword. It won´t disturb me while reviewing the mind map but it is there as additional information 🙂

Here are some features of the mind mapping software (from the author’s website):

• Intuitive user interface
• Adjust branch curvature easily and smoothly
• Choice of branch styles
• Add relationships to branches with styled lines and arrows
• Media browser includes over 3,000 high quality images
• iPhoto seamlessly integrated into the media browser
• Drag and drop images from the media browser, Web or Finder to mind map branches and the central thought
• Drag and drop URLs directly from your web browser to create an instant web link from your mind map branches
• Alter image opacity and send behind or in front of other mind map elements
• Add floating text
• Elaborate using the Notes Editor
• Outline Numbering
• Link to files or URLs
• Collapsable/Expandable Branches
• Panning of large Mind Maps
• Intuitive Print Manager with ability to add Header and Footer text
• Import FreeMind files
• Import and Export of OPML files
• Export Mind Map and/or Notes to RTFD and Word Documents
• Export Mind Map and/or Notes to PDF files
• Designed and developed for Mac OS X

You can also easily export and print the mind map even if it´s a large map – the mind mapping software has an awesome printing area where you can adjust the settings to your needs.

I highly recommend to buy this software in the Mac App Store. The App Store offers the big advantage that – whenever you change your computer – you can download the software again with your iTunes account from the store. If you buy it from the manufacturer you will need to install it manually.


This software is not inexpensive. Normally I wouldn´t consider to spend that much money on a tool – I´d look for a free or less expensive solution. But I do not regret to have bought this mind mapping software. It really helps me in my daily work routine, especially as a writer or web designer.

Have a look at this great mind mapping software, it´s worth every cent you spend on it.

Go now here to check the mind mapping software out in the App Store

MyThoughts for Mac - Mode de Vie Software

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