April 21, 2018

More Mac OSX Lion Shortcuts You Should Know

Now that you’ve familiarized yourselves with our first set of keyboard shortcuts, here’s another set to add to you repertoire. Impress people with your power users skills by mastering these Lion shortcuts.

1. Spotlight

Spotlight is a quick search function that allows you to do a keyword search. It will display the top results and organize them into categories – folders, webpages, applications, etc. A quick tap of Command+Spacebar will open the Spotlight dialogue box. Just input your key word and press return to see the results.

2. Correct Typos

Typing too fast can often yield to some spelling errors. Or sometimes we aren’t sure of the correct spelling and just type a phonetic version of the word and rely on spell check to correct that. I’ve been guilty on several occasions.

One of the most common spelling errors is when you interchange the order of two letters. ‘The’ becomes ‘the’. Well you can just delete and retype but what’s more impressive is that you can switch them with a stroke of the key. Put the cursor in between the letters you want to switch, press Control-t and voila! They letters are now in the correct order.

3. Change Preferences 

If you’re like me, you might not be happy with the default preferences of your app and tend to tweak it until the settings suit you. To get to the Preferences pane, just hit Command+, (the comma key).

4. Dictionary

Reading some text and you don’t know the meaning of the word? Well no need to look for your dictionary app. Simply hover your cursor over the word you want know more about and press Control+Command+D. You will see a small dialogue box containing the definition of the word.

5. Mission Control

Mission Control is a new feature in OSX Lion. Apple combined the features that can be found in Spaces, Expose and Dashboard into a single powerful application. With Mission Control, you can effectively keep your applications and workspaces separate and organized.

A quick press of Control+Up Arrow will allow you to view Mission Control. Control+Down Arrow will show you the app’s windows. You can also use Option+Left Arrow or Option+Right Arrow to move between the spaces.

Further Lion Shortcuts will follow!

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