April 21, 2018

More Power for your Mac: 8 tools for System Maintenance (Part II)

Usually your Mac cleans itself. At least if you make sure that it does not turn into energy saving mode and is on several days per week. It has a clean-up routine included. You can start the system maintenance programs manually over the terminal program. If you don’t want your Mac to be on all night every week you can maintain it yourself.

There are several cleaning tools out there – free ones, some paid tools and the best, Mac Keeper, which is also a paid tool. I will give you a quick overview of the existing programs and then we take a deeper look at MacKeeper because that is the tool I use myself.

System Maintenance Tools for Mac Computers:

1. MainMenu Pro 3

Reliable, transparent and with a nice graphic this little program maintains your Mac daily, weekly, and monthly. It finds problems and repairs also incomplete volumes. Under the rubric “Fine tune your Mac” you find some useful settings. You can grab it in the App Store here.

2. MacCleanse 2

The developers pride themselves that with MacCleanse 2 you can run through 50 maintenance tasks in no more than some seconds which take you more than an hour when you do it manually. The program deletes caches, cookies and logs. You can sort your most favorite cleaning tasks in a list. You can grab it in the MacApp store here.

3. Cocktail

For beginners, I can recommend the program “Cocktail”. With a simple interface you can click fast through tabs just as system, files or network. You can automate processes and you can define how deep the cleaning should be. This program is available here.

4. MacPilot

MacPilot optimizes the system and maintains it where the user has no influence on. In hidden system setting of the Finder you can block your Dock, deactivate the start sound or set a limit for the browser cache. You can grab the program from the App Store here.

5. Macaroni

The little noodle in their logo is not just a wordplay but also symbolizes that the program cleans and maintains the program at the time you wish. It also repairs everything necessary. It is available here.

But wait before you run to the MacStore and grab one of these cheaper or free programs.

MacKeeper – the best cleaning tool 

So why is MacKeeper a great cleaning tool?

There are several reasons why I use MacKeeper and invested the money. First of all it is an all in one tool – it does not just protect your Mac from viruses but also cleans up Binaries, Cache and Language Clutter. Here are all the programs included in MacKeeper. I think the most important is definitely the Antivirus you get free and the Fast Cleanup – you just click “scan” and it scans the whole computer and finds the junk.

But there are more great tools – Anti-Theft is one of them. When you install it and your Mac gets stolen you can locate it and you even get a snapshot from the thief 😉 But as you can see there are even more Apps included. My favourite is the Fast Cleanup as mentioned above – one click and I’m done with all the junk on my computer 🙂

MacKeeper is not enough though – as not one of the mentioned tools are. You still need Onyx to repair your system permissions. But with both tools you have your Mac maintained perfectly and keep it fast.

Check out MacKeeper here

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