April 26, 2018

Must Know Shortcuts For Your Mac Computer (Video)

I never thought I’d enjoy them as much as I do now – but really – shortcuts save you a lot of time so it’s very helpful to learn them. I’ve made a video about 6 great shortcuts which are very handy and which you need every day. Actually, I really got used to them and now use shortcuts not just in my daily work on Mac OS but also in all the other applications, especially in Photoshop. You need to try but in most cases all the shortcuts stand for the same, e.g. CMD + O will open a file and CMD + S will save a file – no matter in which application you are.

Of course there are many more shortcuts than mentioned here but those will already help you in your daily work. The more you get used to them, the easier you will learn more shortcuts. If you find any other shortcuts helpful please don’t hesitate to post them in the comments.

Video: Shortcuts for your Mac Computer

Here in short, 8 useful shortcuts for your Mac Computer:

F3 – All windows on your screen get smaller

FnF11 – All windows disappear so you have a free view on your desktop

FnF12 – opens your Dashboard if you need a quick view on your applications there

CMD + H – H stands for hide and this hides your application but it´s still started and you can launch it with one click on the icon

CMD + Q – Q stands for quit and closes the active application

CMD + + – will increase the font of the program

CMD + – – will decrease the font of the program

CMD + 0 – will bring back the original size

There are programs out there such as TextExpander where you can create your own snippets for shortcuts. This is especially helpful when you have to write emails again and again (e.g. customer service). Such programs can really increase your productivity and save time and money in the long-run.

You can find TextExpander here, if you like a review first, check out my post here

TextExpander for Mac - SmileOnMyMac, LLC

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