April 26, 2018

My iPad and I on Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas to all my readers here, I hope you enjoy Christmas as much as I can this year. We had a very quiet Christmas and loved it all. We sat together, exchanged some presents, and had dinner. It was delicious but as much as I enjoyed being together with my family I enjoyed the presents from my Mum and my husband. I got Apple’s iPad 2. YAY!

It seems that I’m lost already – you are talking to someone owning not just a MacBook Pro and an iPhone but now also an iPad. UGH. Do I really need all that? Most probably not but it makes my life easier πŸ˜€ and I told myself that I won’t have a bad conscious, I will enjoy it πŸ™‚

Is the iPad 2 just another gadget for me to play?

I thought quiet a bit about that before I wanted it so deeply. I thought: why on earth do I need an iPad when I have already all these other devices? Why does the rest of the world go crazy and buy all these devices? Is a mobile not enough? Does a laptop make your work not mobile enough?

Well, for me the answer is yes and no. My first reason for the iPad is that I can do some common daily tasks now from the comfort of my sofa πŸ˜‰ I’m productive while relaxing or should I say that relaxing is for me when I interact with my users? Yes, I think it is – but when I sit here on my computer it’s not the most comfortable place to do so. So I will definitely use the iPad to work, manage my calendar, add tasks and so on – I guess it will be more or less my electronical calendar and reminder.

But there’s another reason why I’m already in love with this device. Last night I’ve loaded my favorite magazines from the iTunes store. Yes, many magazines are already available digital – it saves me some money to read them on my iPad and I don’t have them in my home – it looks cleaner and I have less to dust!

I often read magazines to be inspired for new posts here on the blog and my other blogs as well so for me this really helpful, especially because I can mark text and make notes from it. I can also download books and ebooks, music, podcasts – all that and more from the comfort of my living-room while relaxing on the sofa. If you enjoy doing your work your life is turning around it – no matter when. So I don’t see this as work but relaxing.

The other reason why this will help me to make my life easier are my studies at the University of Phoenix. Usually when I enter a class I have to download and print a LOT. In future I don’t have to because I can read all these chapters and books on my iPad – YES – that helps to save time, paper, ink, and my nerves πŸ˜€ I get faster. More productive.

So yeah it’s a gadget for fun but also one for work. I look forward using it and the best is it has an engraving on the back and says “Monja’s iPad” πŸ˜€ I love it.

Ok, now I will take off the Apple glasses and tell you what is not so good about the iPad.

Actually the iPad is nothing more than a tablet PC but as so often Apple took something old, turned it into a new cool gadget and makes it a must have ;-). The iPad is not for everyone. It’s pretty expensive and I guess if I wouldn’t have a MacBook or use other Apple devices I wouldn’t have longed for an iPad because there are as good tablet PCs out there which do not refuse to play Flash. Although I agree with Apple that Flash will belong soon to the past I still would wish that the devices won’t refuse playing some videos. It’s not much, yes but still – if I buy such an expensive goodie I want it all.

Speaking of expensive goodie – it comes with nothing but the iPad and a cable to load the device. There is no detailed user manual, no ear-phone, and no protection. The first thing I did last night (we celebrate christmas on the evening of the 24th December) was to order a case on Amazon and also a protection for the glass. I’m afraid that it will have scratches faster than I can look. So hopefully the case and glass protection foil come on Tuesday. Most probably I’m too careful – but do I want to risk scratches? No, definitely not.

If you are aware of that – you don’t need to worry much – here are the fixed. In the iTunes store you can download a detailed manual for the iPad free. There is a little card in the iPad box which gives you a hint that you can find a manual online. Well, I think a quick-start-guide would have been helpful for really new Apple users but as an “old” or experienced user you know what to do – as usual with just a few clicks the iPad is set up. I also agree that you usually don’t get cases together with a device, that’s for sure. But some more accessories or at least information would be nice.

Ok that’s about the bad and the ugly – the iPad 2 is fast, fast, fast.

As soon as I touch an App – it’s there. I can easily launch and use it, no delay. This is really helpful if you use your iPad for several tasks. It’s not a “real” computer of course, you won’t get along with just an iPad to lead a business, e.g., but for the most common tasks for some days out of town the iPad will do it.

iPad Apps, Photos & Movies

Ok, I admit it πŸ˜€ – one reason for the iPad are the enormous number of tasks. I just love the available software, I love to surf the Apple store for MORE and try out here and there. You can quickly download and delete Apps, try them without regret. One App I got immediately was Penultimate. I can just write on my iPad using it – GREAT for quick notes! I can draw pictures or mark something in them, send them then by Email and so on – love it. But there is more you can do. You can even take pictures with your iPad, record movies, listen to music and so on. Basically you can do all with it you do with your computer – sometimes just not that comfortable, depending on the task. I took photos last night in our living-room and to me it looks a bit blurry so far – but I can be wrong because I didn’t check it on the Mac. I’m pretty sure you can take good photos and videos with it as I was already convinced of the quality of the iPhone photos – for snapshots and family movies – GREAT.

Just one thing – I don’t think it will be your main source for taking pictures. It’s not really handy to do so. But ok, we can’t have all, can we?


Apple’s iPad comes already with the iCloud included – means with the newest operating system. You can choose if you want your iPad being synchronized with the iCloud or if you want to back it up with your computer – set it and forget it πŸ˜€

I hope this review answers your most “burning” questions – to me it always was: what the heck is this device for? For what do I need it?

All in all I must say – if you need it for one or more of the tasks mentioned above or just for your personal pleasure because you are a technique freak, a book reader, an App lover – it’s worth the money. It makes your life easier!

You find the iPad on Amazon – a little cheaper than in the Apple Store itself πŸ˜€

Go here to get the iPad



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