April 20, 2018

National Geographic iPad App Review: 50 Greatest Photographs

National Geographic iPad App

The National Geographic iPad App does what it says in the title.  This app is simply fifty photographs from the National Geographic.  National Geographic Magazine has raided its many archives of photos and picked out fifty of its good ones to sell as an app package.  It gives the story behind each photograph to give them a little more depth.  This is basically an app with pictures on.

They are good looking pictures, and I am sure there is one that will inspire the people whom purchase this app, though unless they bring down the price a little, I cannot see it making a very big splash.  We are living in an age where literally millions of photo images are at our fingertips, thanks to the Internet.  They all have the added benefit of being free to access, so quite why people will be willing to pay for fifty good ones is beyond me.

The app does give you the background to most of them and with some of them you can watch few of the videos taken by the photographers.  You can also share the photos with your friends if you feel they have inspired you.  On reflection, the National Geographic iPad App is a nice little distraction, and considering the fact that most people will distract themselves with their handheld devices through hurling exploding birds or posting the contents of their breakfast onto facebook then maybe it is not too bad.

It is just the price that is the sticking point, but it will probably come down over time.

Hopefully these great pictures will help Photography interested people to learn from the pros.

You can grab the National Geographic iPad App here:

50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic - National Geographic Society

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