April 21, 2018

New in OS X Lion: All My Files

All my Files in OS Lion

All my Files in OS Lion

Are you bad at organizing your files and you sometimes forgot where you saved that file you accessed a couple of days ago? Or do you keep on using the same files for work and you want quick access to them? The previous OS X versions did not have that function and I had to use a third party application to allow me to see my different directories and files and pinpointing where they are.

OS X now has the answer to that. A new feature within the Finder environment is All My Files. As the name suggests, it simply allows you to see well, all your files. Not the system files obviously as that would be too much, but the files that you mostly access, open or use in some capacity. I liken it to the Open Recent in the File Menu of most applications.

To use this feature simply open a Finder window. All My Files can be easily seen as part of your Finder Sidebar and you just click it to view your files.

I like to use this feature in the icon view because it will allow me to use the swiping gesture to scroll through the files from left to right. If you have a few files to look at, that’s the way to go. However, if you are dealing with hundreds of files belonging to the same group, you can always click Show All to see everything. A nice thing about All My Files is that you can sort through with a variety of criteria such as name, type, date created, and other standard sort fields. What’s interesting is the sort by application criteria because you can see which apps you use the most. It can help in the spring cleaning. Maybe you can get rid of some bloating and delete apps that are for the most part unused.

You can turn that function on and off under Finder –> Preferences on the Sidebar Tab

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