April 21, 2018

Auto-save and Versions in Mac OS X Lion

When working on a document, we sometimes go through several versions of the same file. Sometimes you stop working on the document because you have to do something else. But oops! You forgot to save it and it’s now gone. Saving multiple copies of the the file to show the history of the revisions can also be confusing. Many of us are guilty of accidentally sending the wrong version or writing the current version over the old version and vice versa. Unsaved files and writing over a file can cause stress, tension and can even make a grown person cry.

Well, thank God that worry is now a thing of the past. New features for Lion include the auto-save function and a feature that allows you to save multiple versions of the same file.


Auto-save takes a snapshot of the any open files that you may have so that the time you launch the app, it will revert back to the things you were working on before you quit. No need to do any set-up, it’s automatic. Every time you work on the file, it will save a version of that file. And unlike the manual versions that you do where you keep copies of the same file and number it, all versions are now located in one file.

Command-S, the standard keystroke for save, is now used to manually save a version for that moment in time.

To see the different versions of your document, click the title bar to display the menu. Choose Browse All Versions to see a cascade of all the previous versions of your file.

If you don’t want to accidentally make some changes on your file, you can choose to lock it. Lock is also part of the versions menu located in the title bar. Choose unlock if you want to unlock a previously saved version.

If you don’t like the current incarnation of your file, you can choose Revert to Last Saved Version. With the basic copy and paste function you can even bring elements from previous versions of your file into your current document.

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