April 21, 2018

New to OSX Lion: Reopen Windows

In previous versions of OS X, the main reason I tend to choose to put the computer to sleep is that I want to be able to quickly pick off my work from when I left it prior to letting it go to sleep. Shutting down meant that I have to relaunch everything and I really didn’t want to waste time doing that.

Reopen Windows in Lion

Good news for those on OS X Lion! Lion will now give you the option of reopen windows to what is open after you have shut down, restarted or logged back into your account. It now has the ability to remember which of your applications, documents  and folders are currently being used and open them once your logged in.

reopen windows

It’s quite easy to activate the automatic resume option. When you log out, press restart or shut down, there is now a slight difference. A confirmation box will appear asking you if you are sure you want to do so. Click the box that gives you the option to Reopen windows when logging back in. And then confirm your Restart, Log Out or Shut Down action.

As long as that box remains checked, you will find that it will automatically revert back to your previous open documents and apps and you don’t have to reopen windows all the time.

However, I found this not working with 3rd party programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

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