April 21, 2018

NoteBook by Circus Ponies – A Note-Taking App To Increase Productivity

What Does NoteBook Do

NoteBook by Circus Ponies is a note-taking software/app that uses the metaphor of a bound notebook. This software is often compared to OneNote which also provides the ability to create annotations on the principle of the outliner: each line is an entry; each is retractable, with possible sub paragraphs.

What Are Its Features of NoteBook

We can add pictures, sounds, scribbles, and even patterns. The great strength of the software is that we may index the entire contents automatically. Thus each component is noted in a table of contents automatically and effortlessness, allowing sophisticated research.

Is NoteBook A Cause For Applause

The app works without problems. NoteBook is also very user friendly. The imagery and backgrounds are interesting and removed from being technical. Not in the sense that they are not technical in nature, but they are not made to look it. Each part of the program is set out to look friendly and inviting. This goes for everything from the fonts of the text to the images you click on to access different functions of the app.

Some of the image organizing and presentation making functions are really sophisticated, whilst still being very user friendly and simplified. The developers have hidden their light under a bushel, as the program is actually quite sophisticated, despite looking a little like a child/teenagers program at times.

Not So Good Points in NoteBook

We are used to more complex looking and acting applications when it comes to notebooks on the Mac. The user-friendly graphics and feel are very good but I did feel they had over simplified a few things. I also felt that a lot of people may be put off images such as a giant pencil, that may seem aimed at a younger audience.

What I Thought Of The App I Bought

You can export to PDF, add clippings, outline and a whole host of other things. Buying such applications on their own would cost more than this program as a whole. It is actually a good and sophisticated program, but I cannot shake the snobbish feeling that maybe it was not aimed at hardcore application users.

Should I Try OR Let It Slip By

It is worth the money. Buying the applications it comprises of separately would cost a lot more that simply buying this NoteBook app. There are some very good tools for publishing and outlining. They have gone in a refreshing direction when it comes to notebooks, and I feel it is worth the money though it is most probably aimed at medium to less Mac users, as appose to hardcore Mac users.

You can fine NoteBook here at the Mac App Store

NoteBook - Circus Ponies Software, Inc.

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