April 20, 2018

Onyx – The Free Mac Maintenance Program

Onyx, the free maintenance program

Onyx, the Mac maintenance

As a former Windows user I’ve always tried to find something to mantain my system. I´m so used to that – I can hardly believe that there is nothing I need to do to keep my disk, ram, cache, etc. running smoothly. Finally I found something. Although anyone says that there is no need to take care of Mac OS X I got a new book yesterday called “[easyazon-link asin=”111812961X” locale=”us”]Macs All in One for Dummies[/easyazon-link]” and the author highly recommends to run the free program Onyx to take care of the mantainance routine. This little program actually does the same as the Mac does itself but it does it during the night while you are sleeping. And when you´ve turned your computer off it cannot run the routine tasks. And here comes [easyazon-link asin=”1620610116″ locale=”us”]Onyx[/easyazon-link].

The good thing is that you can run it whenever you want. It also includes all the daily, weekly and monthly tasks. The bad thing was that I started it when I tried to work on my computer – silly, I know – because it took forever to finish.

Here you can see that Onyx looks really familiar to other Mac programs:

onyx, the free maintenance program

onyx, the free maintenance program

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