April 23, 2018

Pages – Tips & Tricks 3

Putting a subject into a line or page

The object is placed into the line of text or follows the text (anchor text).  The option used is “Move with text”.


The object is fixed on the page and the text overlaps the object or surrounding, the option you use is called “Fixed on page”.

This applies to all objects including images, tables, figures and graphs.

Online menu:

Click in the text where you want the image to be placed. Caution! Drag and Drop
Inserting image always gives “fixed on the page” (I think it’s a bug), which requires
Choose ….. change the option in the inspector wrapping and place the image.

The right solution is to click V1 Pages in the text to indicate the location and
select the image by “Choose …” menu and “Insert”.


Click outside the text to remove any insertion point that may be selected currently then just drag and drop.

Tabulated list to array

There is no option in the menus to automatically transform a list tabulated in table, but it is possible to fill a table with a list that is tabulated.
1. Create your table with the number of lines needed.
2. Select your list and tabbed copy it to the clipboard (Command-C).
3. Select the first cell of the table, hold the Shift key and select the last box, or at least the number of boxes needed. All of the selected boxes will be framed in yellow.
(Select all Columns necessary).
4. Paste your clipboard (Command-V).

This also works if you select a table from another software.  I tested from Ragtime to Pages, but not from Excel.

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