April 26, 2018

Parallels – Run Windows On Your Mac Computer (Video)

Did you ever ask yourself if there is a chance to run your old Windows applications on your Mac Computer? Well, the answer is YES! There is definitely enough software for the Mac but from time to time we don’t find a way around a Windows application or you still have several Windows Programs you don’t wanna throw away of course. Then your choice would be wether Parallels Desktop (which I show you in the video) or Bootcamp (which is already installed on your Mac). Both programs have its advantages and disadvantages. So you´ll feel that your Mac runs a little faster when you just have one operating system booted (normal) but you might hate to restart your computer all the time to switch between the operating systems.

Whatever you choose – the video gives you a short overview what is possible and how it looks.

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Monja is a Multimediadesigner and Mac enthusiast since she discovered the beauty of Mac Computers - she never looked back to her Windows Laptop.

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