April 20, 2018

Parental Control On Mac

Let’s face it. This current generation of kids are very computer-savvy at a very young age. Some even learn while they are toddlers and more and more apps are available for kids to play with or even learn from. While we can still teach them the traditional way, we can’t really prevent them from moving forward with the digital revolution because this is now the world that they live in. The best thing we can do is to monitor and control their usage so that they are not getting into things that might be harmful for young children.

OS X Lion has Parental Controls as a way to shield young users from potentially harmful things on the computer. Create an account for your child and select the type of account as Managed with Parental Control. On the Users and Groups panel, select your child’s account and click on Open Parental Controls.


With Parental Controls you can monitor and modify your child’s account through several ways:

  1. SYSTEM – With the system tabs you can select the option to use Simple Finder which will give your kids a simplified view of the desktop so they can easily navigate through it. You can also select which applications they are allowed to use.
  2. CONTENT – You can control your child’s access to internet content by setting the restrictions on what websites he or she is allowed to visit. You can even select to hide all profanity that can be found in the Dictionary app.
  3. MAIL AND iCHAT – You can limit the people your child can communicate to by only inputting the email addresses and instant messenger accounts of the people you trust.
  4. TIME LIMITS – Worried that your child might be spending too much time on the computer? There is no need for that. You can easily set up how much time your child is allowed to stay logged in by heading over to the Time Limits tab. You can set a weekday limit and a weekend limit. And you can even prevent access to the computer during certain times of the day.
  5. LOGS – You can be like Big Brother anytime. The system will monitor how your child uses the computer and save those in several logs. You can easily see which websites were visited and if any of those were blocked as well as any Applications that were used.
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