April 26, 2018

Photogene for iPad (Review)

I am unsure just how much I like Photogene.  Like an overweight goal keeper, I am caught between two posts.  In essence it is a photo editing software, with a few extra little features like adding speech bubbles.  It doesn’t really have enough features to be called a photoshopping app, and that is why I have trouble reviewing it.

It is a simple and easy to use photo editor, but because it is only a simplified version of a photoshopping program, then one must ask “why bother?”.  You could just as easily download a freeware photoshop software onto your personal computer and edit photos with that.

The app functions quite well.  The controls are easy, it allows publication to places like Facebook and it has controls that allow a picture to be stored using less memory.  The controls have an automatic feel in that it auto adjusts things like the hue and saturation etc automatically when you make changes to your pictures.  It doesn’t allow you to change the name of your picture, but then like I say, it is not trying to be a comprehensive tool.  It allows the usual photo edits such as brightness, rotate, crop, black and white.  It is probably the best photo editing app you are going to find, though I am still caught out by the fact that you could download and use a far superior one for free on your personal computer.

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Photogene² for iPhone - Omer Shoor

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