April 26, 2018

Play A Song As iCal Alarm

For people on the go, iCal is very valuable tool. Keeping track of your schedule, reminding you of your tasks and keeping your notes are all vital function of iCal. It’s functions as a secretary, albeit a virtual one. One of the most important features of iCal is the ability to create an alarm. This is very helpful to remind you of a very urgent matter, such as meeting you have to be in. Other people like me, are known to have used this as a literal alarm clock to wake you have at the assigned time.

Now if you iCal’s alarm for work, it is advisable to use discreet sounds such as dings, dongs and other short and not so irritating sounds. But if you are in the privacy of your home, well, anything goes! This is especially true if you need the alarm to wake you up.

iCal’s alarm has a nifty feature. It will allow you to play a song of your choice to signal the alarm. I particularly like a loud rock song if it will wake me up and a soothing instrumental one during the day.

Play a Song as iCal Alarm

Setting up an alarm is pretty simple to do. Open iCal and go the date and time you want to set your alarm. Double click to open an activity and name it. Once said activity is on your calendar click to open a pop windows. Select the Alarm option and a drop down menu. Click Open File to open a song or movie of your choosing. Once you have selected the file you want, confirm your selection by clicking Done. Your particular song should now play during the appropriate date and time.

This quick and easy tip let’s you play a song as your iCal Alarm.

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