April 20, 2018

Create Playlists In iTunes And Burn Them On CD (Video)

Playlists in iTunes

There are two playlists in iTunes: Simple Playlists and Smart Playlists: Once you understand how to use them both are very handy tools to sort your music library.

The Media Center iTunes, which gets more powerful with each new version released, offers two ways to create playlists. There are the smart playlists in iTunes and the “normal” ones. Normal playlists are created with a click on the “+” sign on the bottom left while smart playlists can be found in the menu file –> new smart playlist. While you can put together the simple playlists as you wish smart playlists will allow you to filter your music for special criteria, e.g. you can make a playlist based on some artists or genre – whatever you prefer.

In this tutorial you learn how to create playlists in iTunes and burn them on CD.

Since released for the first time Apple has added more and more functionality to iTunes. Today its not just available for Mac but also for Windows computer. It helps you to organize your music collections and to burn them on CD – as audio or mp3 files. But you can do much more with iTunes. It has so much functionality that it can get a little confusing when using it the first time. It´s easier to learn first to work with simpler tasks, like creating playlists in iTunes and burning them on CD. In later tutorials you´ll learn how to convert videos in iTunes to watch them on your iPod or iPhone and Apple TV. If you like to get an introduction to iTunes first – check out the tutorial the iTunes interface

Learn more about smart playlists in iTunes in another tutorial. I hope you found this tutorial helpful and learned how easy it is to create playlists in iTunes.

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  1. Larry H says:

    I cannot understand the words because the music covers them. How can a tutorial be any good if the words are unintelligible?

    • Larry, I’m sorry for the inconvenience. When I have time I’m going to record it again without music. Thanks for the hint.

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