April 21, 2018

Prepare For Migration Assistant

When you get a new desktop computer or laptop you spend countless hours tweaking the settings to your specifications, downloading and installing software that you need and organizing your files. After a few months and for some, maybe years, you just have it the way you want it to be. You know all your shortcuts, where your files are, your personalized commands, etc. Life is sweet.
And now you have to get a new computer. It’s all back to zero. Don’t you just hate that?
Fortunately for Mac owners, OS X Lon has a great feature called migration assistant. Provided that your old Mac still works, it provides a convenient and less painful way of transitioning from the old Mac to the newer one.
There are actually two forms of migrations. When you boot up a brand new for the very first time, Setup Assistant will prompt you if you want to do any migration. On any other given time after the initial boot, you can use Migration Assistant. The two are basically the same.

Migration Assistant

Migration Assistant

Before doing any migration, it is important to prepare both the old and the new Macs. Make sure that you have enough time on your hand to do this. Here are the things you have to do prior to running Migration Assistant:
1. Make sure that all computers run on the power cable.
2. Run Apple’s Software Update on the old Mac to make sure that all of the software is updated. Also update any other third party applications to their latest versions. If migrating from an older version of OS X, install Migration Assistant Update for that particular version.
3. Open up the Energy Saver preference pane and disable sleep for both display and hard disks of the two computers.
4. Open System Preferences, click Sharing and ensure the Computers have Names.
5. Connect both computers. If using Ethernet, simply connect them using a single Ethernet cable. If using wireless connection, make sure that both are connected on the same WIFI network.

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