April 21, 2018

Problems with Time Machine

Since over a year I’m a Time Machine user – set it and forget it is the slogan Apple uses for their Time Machine in combination with the Time Capsule and YES, that’s right – I have set it up once and then forgot it. Therefore, yes, Time Machine is something I highly recommend – at least if you have something on your computer which is important to you. Whenever I have deleted a file or photo I need I just connect to my Time Capsule and go back in time to restore the file.

Problems with Time Capsule

But since some weeks my Time Capsule (or the Time Machine) gives me a headache – the connection fails, the backup can’t be completed or it simply tells me that the backup might be not correct and if I wish to start a new one?

By sheer good fortune I read my Mac magazine and stumbled over an article addressing exactly this problem. I thought I share it with you because this seems to have fixed my Time Machine issue 😀

The solution is easy. Because the Time Capsule is connected to my Internet network I can just restart it or restore the settings.

1. Go to –> Applications –> Utilities –> AirPort Utility

2. Click on Manual Setup on bottom left

3. In the next window appears a new menu in the task line. Look under Base Station. There you find two options. Now you can choose if you restore your Time Capsule to its original settings or if you first want to try a restart. Because this often solves problems Apple products have I highly recommend to simply restart your Time Capsule first.

If that doesn’t help – restore to its original settings. But be careful – if you decide to do that you need to set up your Time Capsule completely new. This is not the worst thing to do though because then you can be sure that it is working again.

And backups are so important – hard drive failures always happen when you don’t need them, e.g. when your Time Capsule is not working properly.

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