April 21, 2018

Quick Photo Editing With Preview

Preview is one of my favourite applications because I can do a lot with it. You can even do some quick photo editing with Preview! I often work with a lot of PDF files and I find Preview more than adequate for it. Preview is also my default app to open any image files. I prefer to create my own folders for my photos and I use Preview quite a lot to select and discard photos taken from my camera. It’s quick, easy and a lot less bother when compared to launching Photoshop and what not.

I also do quick photo editing with preview.

Photo Editing with Preview

Most people do not know this but you can do some quick photo editing with Preview. Not as broad as Photoshop or iPhoto but it can do in a pinch. If you are a non-professional like me and all you want to do to your photos is to resize, brighten or apply more contrast to your photos, Preview is the best app to do that.

Photo Editing with Preview

The standard Preview toolbars will already give you functions that you can use for both PDFs and photos. This would include rotate and crop. For more powerful editing tools, once you have the photo open in Preview click Tools and select Adjust Color. An inspector panel will open and will give you other editing functions such as adjusting brightness, tint, saturation, etc. Tweak the bars and the photo in Preview will change real-time. When you are satisfied with the look of your photo, close the panel. Save your photo.

You can also batch process the photo adjustment. Select a bunch of photos and open them in Preview. The app will display them in only a single window and you just arrow down to go through the photos, the way you would go about switching pages in a PDF file. Thumbnails of the photos can be seen on the right of the main image. To batch process, makes sure that several or all of the photos are selected and then proceed to do the same editing procedure.

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