April 26, 2018

Real Sudoku 3D Pro – Review of a 3D Sudoku Game

Real Sudoku 3D ProI must confess I have never played Sudoku. Not that I don’t like it – I simply had no chance so far to play it, I never stumbled over it. Once I heard a friend of mine talking about her addiction to Sudoku – so obviously once you try it you want to play Sudoku 3D Pro. Beside that it is also great for relaxing and putting your mind on something else. It is also great to improve your logical skills. Great for a little break at work!

So I was really happy to review Real Sudoku3D Pro from Matthew Sherwood.  First of all I had to look up the rules for Sudoku. Actually, it is pretty easy to play but if you have never, go here to check out the rules.

After the review I realized that I have not found all features. Actually, there seems to be a way to put it down to a 2D version although I didn’t find the setting for that.

As usually the review is live, with no further experience and gives my opinion as a first-time-user. Please keep in mind: If you ever have played Sudoku you will most probably have a totally different use of the program.



  • great new way to play Sudoku
  • the program has a wonderful user experience in 3D
  • you can choose between easy, medium, and hard games
  • you can enter custom notes on each cell
  • you can restart games
  • unlimited puzzles in Real Sudoku3D Pro
  • fun game for a nice price
  • nice environment (water) to relax and enjoy the game


  • you need some time to learn how you can use Real Sudoku3D Pro

Real Sudoku 3D Pro – video review of a first-time user


Have some fun today and get the Real Sudoku 3D Pro game from the Mac App store here:


Real Sudoku3D Pro - Matthew Sherwood

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