April 21, 2018

Good Reasons To Buy An iPad

As soon as Apple announces the release of a new iPad the tech geeks get excited and their credit card ready to purchase the newest version. It does not matter that it has not tons of new features. The Apple Fans just want it.

When the latest iPad was released recently fans were camping in front of the Apple Store to make sure they the get newest iPad.


But what makes the iPads a so much better choice and why do people go crazy for it?

Honestly, I don’t think there is one specific reason. There will be always fans of a special brand and reasons why some products make people excited while others are “just there”.

In my eyes Apple did a great job on building the brand and service that makes people excited. But there is more.

Especially the latest innovations will make the iPad even stand out more. I’m talking about “iTunes U”. iTunes U is an application for the iPad which looks similar to the iBook store app. The iTunes U store (which is misleading because you can get free material there) provides universities with the possibility to create a virtual material area where the students can download the material.

Apple targets here a very important market – the students. They get an iPad for their education and also have some more advantages:

They do not need to carry all the books to their classes and they don’t have to print out material – just download the newest, updated books or files the professor provides – and you have what you need for your next class.

This might be a reason for students to get an iPad but there are more. The iPad is an entertainment machine. You can not just download and watch videos from the iTunes store but also – as we are already used to – music, books, games, and magazines. No need anymore to run to the store to get the newest magazine. Just download it and you also do something for our environment and your pocket: mostly the downloadable magazines are a bit cheaper than their printed versions.

So another good reason to get an iPad.

But even your children can profit from an iPad. In the iBook store you can find tons of interactive books for your toddlers and preschool kids. These ibooks do not just contain text and pictures but also interactive galleries, movies, and the children can even follow the story with own interactions.

With Apple’s new software “iBook author” you can also become an author easily. Just download their software, create your book and sell it on the Apple iBook store.

Of course that’s not all. These are just some features, which make Apple’s tablet iPad special for many of us. The possibility to go to the App store and just download some newest functions is unbeatable.

Apple makes it easy for us to “need” more devices. So for most of us the iPad is just one of our Apple products and definitely the future of entertainment and education and good reasons to buy an iPad.

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