April 21, 2018

Reckless Racing – a fun racing game for anyone

I have never been one for racing games.  Not even when I was a kid.  After spending my days running for the six foot skin headed bullies known as my teacher, I didn’t want to race around in a circle when I threw on my games console when I got home.  I wanted to play games loaded with challenges and fun such as Cultures Northland.  So I was caught off guard when I found myself liking this racing app.

reckless racing 2

It was the slip dynamic that caught me at first.  With all the games I have reviewed in my time, I often find F1 games too difficult to maneuver, and found games such as Gran-Turismo too difficult to judge.  This one however, is not too bad on either count and the slip dynamic is kind of fun.  It is a giggle to slide into a turn and whack another car without spinning out.  It has a lot of the driving qualities as destruction derby, but it lets you buy upgrades like with Gran-Turismo.  It has the look and feel of the micro machines games too, along with the very colorful graphics you used to find with it.

Along with the maneuverability perks and skiddy roads, the look and feel of it is pretty good too.  Like all racing games that are on a smaller screen, then run the risk of looking like the crappy 2D stuff we used to play, but this one avoids it nicely.

The game seems to be a big upgrade from the first one, with a few graphical upgrades, with improved menus and shadow effects.  There are 18 cars available.  It all sounds very good too.  So yeah, if you are into racing games or if you are looking for a change, then give this app a go.

Get Reckless Racing here

Reckless Racing - Polarbit

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