April 23, 2018

Record the iPad Screen (ReflectionApp Review)

I was recently looking for a way to record the iPad screen and iPhone screen to show you some of the Apps I use. What I thought was an easy thing to do resulted in a real challenge – there was no App available. Unimaginable, as there seems to be an App for everything – from looking at the Solar System to sleeping better with Pzizz.

Yesterday I stumbled over a solution and got really excited. The App is called Reflectionapp and is super easy to use – once you know how. The problem is that the software developer does not offer any tutorial or instruction and leaves you nearly alone – however, they do have a FAQ section. So I thought I put a video together for you in case you want to record the iPad screen as well.

Reflection App is the only really handy solution I know of. While it was a big problem to record the iPad screen some months ago it’s now just a question of some Dollars and no extra technical equipment to get it done. This and its ease of use makes the Reflection App for me the perfect software to record the iPad screen.

The Good

  • easy to use once you found an instruction
  • works nicely

The Bad

  • not very detailed  instructions on the developer’s homepage (see here)

Beside the app you also need a program to record the ipad screen, such as Screenflow or Camtasia for Mac. They are both very easy to use.

Go here to record the iPad Screen

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