April 21, 2018

Remo Recover photos, audio and video files

Hopefully it has never happened to you but it could – a wrong click on your camera and all your photos are deleted! Or you choose the wrong USB stick to format, etc. I can say that this just happened to me once before. We wanted to go on vacation, I grabbed the camera and took some photos and my husband wanted to delete one as he was playing around. Accidentally he deleted them ALL! I just grabbed the camera and searched the Internet for a solution – I knew not everything would be lost as long as I don’t overwrite the files.

I was happy when I stumbled over “Recover Photos”.

Here is what the manufacturer says:

Remo Recover Photo (MAC) incorporates high end media recovery methods to systematically scan and recover media files from IDE / ATA / SATA / SCSI hard disk drives, iPod, SD Cards, CF Cards, XD Cards, Memory Sticks, external Zip drives, FireWire and USB hard drives. It supports professional RAW photograph recovery for almost all popular Digital SLR’s, for e.g. Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Minolta, Olympus and Kodak etc.

And yes, it’s true. It worked just fine on my SD Card 🙂

It is not for anyone of course – it is not that cheap but well worth the money. Beside accidentally deleted files it also helps you when data is corrupt to restore it.

Below I copied the features and system requirements so you know if this is the software you need:

Key Features of Remo Recover Photos:

  1. easy user interface
  2. Recovers digital photo, audio and video files
  3. Recovers digital files from deleted, damaged and formatted drives
  4. Designed to suite all categories of Mac OS X users and above including Leopard
  5. Recover files from IDE / ATA / SATA / SCSI hard disk drives, SD Cards, CF Cards, XD Cards, Memory Sticks, external Zip drives and USB hard drives
  6. Supports almost all photo formats used by popular digital cameras including JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF etc
  7. Supports photo recovery of high-end raw image formats for most popular professional digital photo camera like CANON (CRW, CR2), NIKON (NEF), SONY (SR2, SRF), OLYMPUS (ORF), MINOLTA (MRW)
  8. Supported Music File Formats: MP3, WAV, MIDI, MP4
  9. Supported Video File Formats: AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG
  10. Preview file before recovery. RAW file preview is also available

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X Version 10.4.11 Tiger or later (Leopard compatible)
  • Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
  • Enough free disk space for installation, recovered files etc.

I agree with the manufacturer – the program is easy to use. I do not use it every day though but it is a good one to have in case of emergency.

Check out Remo Recover Photos here.


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