April 26, 2018

Resetting Safari

Safari, like most browsers, is a pretty intelligent piece of software. It logs and stores information about the user and his or her browsing habits to make things more efficient and faster. Can’t remember the website you’ve previously visited? Check it in your browsing history. Tired of constantly typing in your username or other details when subscribing to a service? Auto-compete will do it for you. These features are often taken for granted and sometimes we forget that they pose a significant danger to us so resetting Safari from time to time is necessary.

In today’s high tech world, most of us do own our own personal devices, whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. Since it is our own device, we tend to be lax and just use all the automatic features. After all, nobody else gets to see it anyway. However, we tend to take those lax habits whenever we use other computers such as those that are work-assigned or public computers in libraries, airports or hotels. Whenever you have to use a public computer, it is prudent to delete your Safari browsing habits so that the owner of said computer and all other users will not be able to see your Safari browsing habits. It is done by resetting Safari.

Resetting Safari

Resetting Safari

Once you are done with browsing, leave the Safari browser window open. Click Safari and then select Reset Safari. Safari will give you several options for the reset. Make sure that the options you want deleted are checked while those that you want to remain undeleted gets an unchecked box. Once you have your entire options figured out, click Reset.

Some of the options include:

Clear History: Removes the list of websites that you have browsed

Empty Cache: Removes temporary internet files that Safari has stored

Clear Downloads Window: Remove the list of the files you have downloaded. It will not remove the downloaded file from the hard drive though.

Remove Cookies: Removes cookies that Safari has stored

Remove Saved Names and Passwords: Removes and names and passwords that you have inputted and included in the auto- complete forms.

Reset All Location Warnings: Remove any website information pertaining to your location.

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