April 20, 2018

Resize Photos With Mail

Apple software is very functional, especially with regards to multimedia files. Take for example, photos. We often use our digital cameras to take pictures that are full sized to take advantage of the cameras capabilities. However, when we share those photos to our friends and family by either emailing them or posting on Facebook, we often end up resizing them because they are too big. Mac OS X made that really easy for us – it lets us resize photos with Mail, the inbuilt Email program.

OS X has made it easier for us to resize our photos by giving us several ways to do it. If you want to email those photos, the best way is to resize them with the Mail application. That way you don’t have to open other apps such as iPhoto or Photoshop, shrink the photo and save that version, all before attaching it to your email message. Might as well use a single application, right?

Resizing photos with mail

Resizing Photos With Mail is easy

To resize photos in Mail, open up Mail and go about composing your email message the usual way. To attach the photos you want to send, simply drag and drop said photos on the message window. Once the photos are attached, look at the lower righter corner of the message window that shows Image Size. When you click on that portion, a drop down window will appear, allowing you to select from a variety of sizes – small, medium, large and actual size. Select the size you think is appropriate and the photo will be resized.

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