April 21, 2018

Restoring Files and Folders From Time Machine

Named after H.G. Wells’ famous novel, Time Machine will allow you to turn back the clock and restore any files and folders of even your entire system to the way it was on a specific date.
Here are the steps to restoring your data using Time Machine:
1. Make sure the backup disk that you use for Time Machine is connected via WireFire, USB or Thunderbolt.
2. Enter your username and password if you are prompted to do so.
3. Launch Time Machine and select Enter Time Machine. The restore interface should appear and snapshots of your system should be visible in stacks.
4. Use the arrow bar on the lower right corner of your desktop to scroll through the different timestamps. You can go through the backups to search for the particular file or folder that you want to restore. Dates written in pink are backups located on the external hard drive while those in white are found locally on your Mac’s hard drive.
5. If you do not know the exact date when the file was last stored, do a spotlight search to look for the file. Type in the name of the file and let Time Machine search for it.
6. Select the files or folders that you want to restore to your main hard drive. Once these are highlighted, click Restore. Time Machine will now proceed to copy the selected data back to its location on your Mac’s hard disk.

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