April 26, 2018

Rip It – Rip Your DVDs Because Apple TV Is Coming

Rip Movie DVDs on Mac because Apple TV is coming

Learn how easy it is to use rip it and rip movie DVDs on Mac Computers

For some weeks already I fancy with the new Apple TV. This little black box is put next to your TV and connects wirelessly with your Mac computer – and streams all your music, videos and photos from there. Of course you can buy things in the iTunes store but you can also watch YouTube videos and even better those from your own DVD collection. I know the huge movie companies like Sony don´t want you to put a copy of your DVD on your computer and watch it but I think in future there won´t be a way around that – wether you´ll buy your copy of the film online to watch it or you find somehow a way to rip movie dvds on Mac and put it on your computer.

Of course I don´t want to violate copyright – don´t get me wrong. But I think that I have a right to copy the DVD I bought for myself – to protect the copy I´ve bought. I don´t tell you to copy it to your harddrive and sell the copies but just to copy it to your harddrive (as you do with any program you buy on DVD) and put it back into your cupboard.

So what happens is that with Apple TV you can access your movie, music and photo library on your computer and enjoy it on your huge TV screen – you do not need to exchange your DVDs anymore but just place them in iTunes and access them with the help of Front Row (which is already included in your Mac). I´m sure you´ll enjoy that 🙂

So now the most important question – how do you rip movie dvds on Mac?

After playing around with several programs I found RipIt for Mac – it´s easy, quiete fast and offers a great quality – you insert the DVD, it asks you if you want to rip it and you click yes and it does its job and rip movie dvds on Mac. Yes, it´s as easy as that 😀

Rip movies from DVD to your computer

After trying it now several times I can just say I´m really happy with the result and rip movie dvds on Mac now really often. The little software application does a great job, whether you rip the dvd or burn it – doesn´t matter, both work fine. When you click “rip” the whole DVD is put on your computer, when you click compress it starts downloading the program “Handbrake” and installs it (when you use it the first time) and then also does its job – it simply cuts out the main film from the dvd and saves it to your Movies folder, ready for you to watch or import to your iPad or iPhone – or, yes, the Apple TV.  So this is definitely great to rip movie dvds on Mac computers.

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