April 21, 2018

Roads of Rome (Review)

It is a mix of time management, strategy and resource management.  It is a little like a puzzle game, and was apparently a PC game in a previous life.  It revolves around a general who is in love with Caesar’s daughter.  Instead of cutting off his head, the boss sends him to build roads.  The story doesn’t really come into it much, and it turns into another strategy game fairly quickly.

It is not addictive, which ironically in this case is bad, and is a bit of an acquired taste.  With all that said I can see why some people will like this and can see why the developers brought it out on this platform.  It appeals to a niche crowd and does not do a bad job of it.

Roads Of Rome

The difficulty curve is not too bad.  It starts out very simply, and leads to further complexity later on.  It may start out a little too simply for some people because you may only build roads etc in the early levels.  Later on you are allowed to collect gold pieces, cut down trees, build saw mills and farms for food for your workers.

This game is really going to appeal to time management fans.  The graphics and animations are great and the gameplay is not overly convoluted and later on you are given more options as to how you complete the game.  So yeah, it’s not bad if you are a fan of time management games.

Have fun and grab Roads of Rome from the App Store

Roads of Rome - Realore

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