May 23, 2018

Running Windows Apps On Your Mac With Parallels Desktop For Mac

Mac owners will tell you that they are quite happy with the OS X, the native operating system that runs on your Mac. However, there are those moments where you need to run a Windows application that does not have a version for the OS X. Some of the software might be crucial for your work or they can be fun and games that only run on Windows. Whatever the reason may be, finding out that a necessary piece of software will not run on your Mac can be thoroughly inconvenient, not to mention, annoying. Such is the reality that Mac owners have to face.

 Run Windows on your Mac and get the best of both worlds

Parallels DesktopFortunately, Parallels Desktop for Mac takes care of the particular pain. With Parallels, you can run Windows applications on your Mac with a minimum of fuss and disruption. You can run Windows side-by-side with your built-in OS X and run applications from both sides of the fence. You don’t even need to reboot your computer to do it. There is no true need to compromise. You can have all you computing needs taken care of by a single computer. Paying for the cost of Parallels Desktop for Mac will definitely be cheaper than outright buying a separate compute for you to use when you need to run Windows application.

Setting up is very simple; the typical ease of setting up apps in an OS X environment. The integration between OS X and Parallels is pretty seamless. You can even choose your view mode depending on what you are focusing on. The greatest thing about the software is that it does not compromise the speed and performance of your Mac. Parallels Desktop for Mac is fast. Even if your RAM is being used by both OS X and Parallels, you won’t feel the lag. It can run graphics intensive programs at full speed ahead.


An advantage of Parallels over similar software is that it doesn’t let you fully immerse yourself in the Windows environment. As a Mac owner, you probably rely on a lot of native OS X functions and commands. Then latest version of Parallels has a great support system that allows you to utilize some of OS X’s features and you can easily switch between Windows and OS X with a command. You can still use native OS applications or even run OS X as a guest OS inside Parallels.


With the proliferation of tablets and smartphones, portable computing is becoming more and more popular. Parallels gets into this trend by allowing Parallels Mobile Pro to let you access your various application – both Mac and Windows alike – from your iPad or iPhone. This is a great feature for people who are always traveling and on the road.

 File Organization With Parallels Desktop

One of the issues with using two different operating systems is usually file organization. Parallels does this beautifully. It can automatically move the necessary files to the predetermined folders on your Mac. You can even drag and drop files between Windows and OS X apps. There’s no need to waste time on copying and pasting files in various folders.

Using Parallels Desktop for Mac is indeed having the best of both worlds.

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PS: If you already own Mac OS X Mountain Lion you will need to update your Parallels Desktop (free). I found this update on the Parallels website. You can install it easily after running your copy of Parallels Desktop.

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