April 21, 2018

Safari Reading List – Collect the pages you want to read

Safari is the default browser that comes with your Mac OS X Lion. Anybody who has used Safari before will find it easy to navigate this latest version. That does not mean that Safari does not have any new features. In fact, one of the nifty new functions of Safari is the ability to compile a Safari Reading List.

The Safari Reading List is a special form of bookmarking. Normally we bookmark favorite pages or those that we think are important and may need again at a later time. But, what if you are just browsing and you have find several pages that want to read, but oops! You had to rush to an important meeting, you have to pick the kids from school or you have to go to the bank. You can now save these web pages and add them to your Reading List so that you can view them later.

To save a webpage as part of your Reading List just open that page and tap in Command+Shift+D. It has now been added to the Reading List. You can also just select the + button in the address field of Safari. If the Reading List is open, use the Add Page icon.

To retrieve your Reading List, just click the eyeglasses shaped icon on the left hand side of your bookmarks bar and it will display your reading list. Alternatively press Command+Shift+L to show the list.


With the iCloud feature on all the latest Apple operating systems, you can sync it so that your Reading List appears on all your Apple devices. You can do that by taking a look at your iCloud preferences and turn on Bookmarks to enable access to the Reading List.


It’s easy to manage items on your Reading List. Only a minimum of fuss is required, which is the way Apple does things. Once you have your Reading List open, just hover over the particular entry and click the X icon that will appear to delete that entry. Did you have lots of time and was able to read everything you saved? Just click the Clear All button and everything is gone.


The Reading List is not just for Safari. It can also integrate itself into other apps such as Mail. If  someone send you a link that you might want to read later just press Control+Click on that link at select Add to Reading List.

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