April 21, 2018

Learn How To Do Screen Sharing On The Same Network

Whether doing a group project or school or preparing for a client presentation at work, we often work in collaboration with others. That usually involves a jungle of computers, cables, external disks and thumb drives. To make things easier, you can simply share your screen. Screen Sharing on the same network is pretty easy:

Screen sharing at its most basic will allow people on a remote computer to view your screen. Advanced features will also allow you access and control to another’s remote computer so you will be able to edit or troubleshoot something yourself. It saves time, lessens confusion and gets things done with a minimum of fuss. In this article, we will just deal with the basic form of screen sharing as that is already adequate for most Mac users.

To share your screen to other users, make sure that you are all on the same network. Because the screen sharing service uses a VNC client, the viewer does not even need to own a Mac. As long as there is a VNC client installed, that should be fine.

Launch System Preferences from your Dock. Once the Preferences window opens, select the Sharing preference pane. Check Screen Sharing to enable the function. Click the Computer Settings button. Tick the box that says VNC viewers may control screen with password and input a password. Only remote computers that have this password will be able to see your screen.  Click Ok.

You will then select which users will be able to see your screen. Again, these users should be on the same network as you. You may select either All Users or Only These Users. If you select the latter, you should add each user you want to be able to see your screen by using the + button.

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