April 21, 2018

An App for writers and authors – Scrivener

What Does Scrivener Do

Writing a book or an article can be a complex task that may require some planning to organize these ideas, such as notes attached to a billboard. It is precisely this analogy that Scrivener offers to sell its product.  It is an organisational program that also acts as a brainstorming tool, too.

What Are The Features of Scrivener

You can create drafts and put them into chapters, re-arrange chapters and characters.  It gives you a space for everything that goes through your head and you can then organise everything as you wish.  Scrivener also features a Dark-Room where you can write on a full screen on a black background without any element to disrupt your reflection.

Is Scrivener A Cause For Applause

Scrivener does have a lot of tools and functions that, if properly learnt and used, will become second nature to the user.  It could replace a writer’s usual program/application used to write, if the writer is willing to commit to the program.  The brainstorming bit works okay.  You can create small notes, chapters and drafts and then have constant access to them from the sidebar on the left.  You can also factor them into your text and then convert it to the file of your choice at the very end.

Not So Good Points

There are a lot of things within the Scrivener program that some seasoned writers are going to think is a little pointless.  There are many functions for moving text around and splitting text and storing text, however using hotkeys on your Mac can do the same thing as you cut and paste.

What I Thought Of The App I Bought

For seasoned writers I thought it was pretty good, but it seems a little pointless for people who do not do a lot of writing.  I felt that the program needed a lot of commitment. I write quite a bit, but I just could not find a use for a lot of the tools functions.  Scrivener started to seem a bit like a food mixer with 100 speeds of mixing on it, when we only needed three.

Screenshot from the developer:

Should I Try OR Let It Slip By

You may have trouble adjusting to using this, and may well fall back onto you old writing application.  So if you are going to buy it, then be prepared to make a commitment to it.  Delete your other writing applications to make sure that you are sure you wish to commit.  Otherwise Scrivener is a waste of money.

You find Scrivener at the Mac App Store here, 5 Stars rating from a lot of people included:


Scrivener - Literature & Latte



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