April 20, 2018

How To Set Up Time Capsule On Mac

Backing up files is one of the things every computer user just has to do. No matter what you do on your computer you don’t want your files to disappear after a hard drive failure or something even worse – such as a theft or fire. I know this is worst case but it can happen and Mac OS has something included called Time Machine which allows you to easily set up a time capsule on your Mac computer and just forget that you do backups.

After you got the [easyazon-link asin=”B002JSZ4HK” locale=”us”]Time Capsule[/easyazon-link] – the next question which comes up is – how on earth do I set up Time Capsule???

What I did – I looked for help on Google and finally found some on You Tube. Actually it’s not hard – as usual Apple made it easy for you – plugin, configure it, enjoy how it’s working. But when it comes to networks I always have the feeling that my internet connection depends on it so I want to be sure before I find out that I did my best to disconnect me from the rest of the world. So better safe than sorry I thought and set up Time Capsule with the help of the following video.

So to be safe – watch the video from Mark from SoldierKnowsBest who shows in real time how he connects his Time Capsule with the Mac.

Set up Time Capsule On Your Mac

One short note: You do not need the original Apple hard drive, the Time Capsule, you can use every external hard drive you like. But the Time Capsule is worth every penny. It also includes a router, looks great and offers plenty of space.

You don’t own a Time Capsule yet?

As usually, you get the best price on Amazon – usually much cheaper than anywhere else.

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