April 26, 2018

Set-Up Time Machine Backups

Set up your Time Machine Backups

Time Machine is a great feature in OS X Lion and you can easily set up Time Machine Backups. Here is an easy instruction. Its automatic back up feature allows you to have peace of mind. Too many people have lost some form of data due to a failure to properly backup files and folders.  It’s also quite simple to setup time machine backups, with OS X Lion guiding you the entire way. The first time machine backup will take some time to complete, though the succeeding ones will be much faster.

The drive you will is to back up should not be the drive from which your Mac boots up. Some Macs have a second internal drive. You can use that, though an external hard drive is most preferred. It is also recommended that the entire external hard drive be used for just Time Machine. Using it to store other files will only reduce the space used for backup.Time Machine Backups

Make sure that the drive is formatted correctly. Time Machine will only recognize Mac OS Extended Journaled and Xsan formats. For external hard drives with FAT32 settings, it will ask you to first reformat the drive. Connect the external hard drive via Thunderbolt, USB or Firewire.

The first time you connect an external hard drive, Time Machine will prompt you and ask whether you want to use to connected drive as your backup drive. If you want to do it, select Use As Backup Disk and Time Machine will now recognize it as your backup disk. If you want to encrypt the backup drive, select Encrypt Backup Disk from the options. Time Machine will then proceed to back up your files.

Make sure you do your first back up overnight because it will take some time to get that done. While Time Machine does schedule backups automatically, you can also manually trigger a  backup by clicking Back Up Now from the Time Machine menu.

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