April 26, 2018

Show The Memory Location In Spotlight Easily

Learn how to show the Memory Location in Spotlight – easily. If you are like me you have tons and tons of files on your computer – from photos to music, videos, and documents. And one day you know you have lost the overview. Here I have a very handy tip for you on how to show the memory location in Spotlight. Whenever I try to search something on the Mac I use Spotlight (just click on the top right on the little magnifier and you can use it as well ;-)). Sometimes though I just try to find a memory location and not just the file. This is pretty hard. You need to click on the file, then it opens and you choose “enclosing folder” to view the memory location. But with a little trick Mac OS Lion shows the memory location.

Show the memory location in Spotlight

Show The Memory Location In Spotlight

But when you hover over a file in Spotlight and press CMD and Return the file will open at the memory location. I thought I share this tip with you as I find it really useful and I like that it shows the memory location in Spotlight.

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