April 26, 2018

Simple Mac Maintenance

Apple computers are generally very friendly to those who hate doing maintenance, like me. I hated doing all those disk cleanup activities. Well, lucky for us the powers-that-be apparently hate it too and have made OS X virtually maintenance free.

However, it does require a bit now and then. If you are like me, you leave so many windows and tabs open simultaneously and you never shut down your laptop; you just put it into sleep mode and wake it up when you need to use it, which is probably every minute that you are awake.

Simple Mac Maintenance

Sometimes, you experience an occasional technical hiccup like a page not loading properly or  your desktop icons suddenly shrinking. Here are some methods that you can do to cure those little glitches.

  1. Force quitting. This is generally the first thing I do when an app is problematic. If it’s not responding, I just Force Quit it. You can do that by using a secondary click on the app from the Dock and select Force Quit. Or you can press  Command+Option+Esc and choose which app you want to Force Quit. If it’s an app that I still need to use then I relaunch it.
  2. Shut down your Mac and restart. This is often cures most of the little problems you have like the virtual memory getting full, not recognizing fonts, etc. I’ve found out that 99% of the problems on my Mac gets solved by a simple reboot.Simple Maintenance on your Mac
  3. Repair permissions. OS X is based on Unix and the system has a complicated mesh of Unix permissions. Sometimes, these permissions get out of whack and all you have to do is repair them. To do that open Finder and press Command+Shift+U to go to your Utilities folder. Click and launch Disk Utility. Select the drive you want to repair and click Repair Disk Permissions. Leave it for a few minutes while Disk Utility does its job and your Mac should run better once its done. Just as a routine, I do this once a month to keep my Mac healthy.
  4. Trash and reinstall the software. This is sort of a last resort, if there’s nothing I do can prevent the app from crashing. I jsut go into the applications folder and dump the app into the trash, delete it and reinstall. I normally keep the installation files on a backup hard drive but I always make it a point to visit the website and check if there is an updated version.


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