April 20, 2018

Sleep better with Pzizz – iPhone App to help you sleep better and deeper (Review)

What Does Pzizz Do

Pzizz is an application for Windows and Mac OS that generates soundtracks to either aid in sleep, or give some energy to finish the day. You get a new soundtrack each time you start the App so you never get bored!

What Are The Features of Pzizz

Pzizz generates music that is a mixture of voice, sound and instruments so give you energy or help you to sleep.  It does not give you the same sounds repeatedly, and shies away from playing the same song in the same way.  This stops you from learning the song, or associating sections of the song in your head.  This means that you cannot hum or sing along with the song.  The effect of this is to allow your brain to shut down and allow you to sleep.  If your mind is following a song, then it is working and not resting.  The Pzizz app for your iPhone does not allow you to do this.

Is The Pzizz App A Cause For Applause

The app works easily and is as intuitive to use as any other music player.  The idea of differing the sounds and music so that you do not learn the tunes is a clever idea and a good selling point.

This audio player is able to produce a random and unique music, dedicated to relaxation or sleep.  Three musical modes are offered: energizing, sleep or meditation.

Not So Good Points

The app is easy to use on your iPhone, though the music itself really does not work for everybody.  Some people will find energizes them or relaxes them, and others will find it distracting or just plain dumb.

What I Thought Of The App I Bought

Pzizz does look a little over simplified at first glance, as it does not pop up with a big play list.  Ie felt I may have been ripped off at first, but the technique employed is clever and works.  It is not about the play list or the amount of songs, as the noises are not strung together in a specific and repeated order.

Pzizz is affordable when I consider the money you could invest in effective relaxation music CDs.

 Should I Try OR Let Pzizz Slip By

If you use relaxation CDs and you like them, then invest in the Pzizz app.  It will most likely work for you and save your money on having to buy more relaxation CDs.  You should buy this if you have never tried relaxation music before, as it is a very good starter app, and may be all that you ever need in that department.

You find the iPhone App Pzizz on the iTunes store here:
pzizz sleep - pzizz technology limited

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